WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature is a Scam / Malware

WhatsApp is one of the Most used app in the Internet or I can say in the Smartphone or Mobile Phones. Yes, in today’s time everyone using this app and stay connected with our Friends, Family Members and other peoples. This is one of the most popular app service which is globally used by each and every person in the whole world.

Yes, WhatsApp has been used by more than 700 Million users from all over the world and after Facebook this is one of the most used service or app by the peoples. It is highly popular and from some time ago the Facebook Owner Mark Zukenberg manged to takeover this instant app and it is growing by day by day.

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Whatsapp an android application which is famous for its instant chat service now has become the top most rated app in the android market. Whatsapp has a feature of sending text messages in addition to sending files such as image, audio or video files.It Support almost every operating system and some of popular operating system in which WhatsApp is Current Supported are iOS,Android,BlackBerry OS,BlackBerry 10,Windows Phone,Nokia Series 40 and Symbian.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature is Scam
WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature is Scam

WhatsApp Calling Feature is Scam / Malware

Now with the latest version of WhatsApp you can also call to your friends without paying any charge. It uses the same data connection that your phone is connected to and doesn’t charge for any usage.The WhatsApp Calling Feature is the Latest and Newest Feature which has rolling out by the makers. So as you all know that the Technology can be useful or harmful and it depends on the person that How He/ She Use the Technology . Whether He/ She want to use in Positive ways or in the Negative Ways.

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Now this New WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature in the Full Demand on Internet and everyone wants to use this service as soon as possible . Now the bad thing is coming with that WhatsApp is very reserved to its new calling feature. But the big news is that cyber scammers are targeting WhatsApp users across the world by circulating fake messages inviting users to activate the new ‘WhatsApp calling feature for Android’ that infects their smartphones with malicious apps.

If you receive an invitation message from any of your friend saying, “Hey, I’m inviting you to try WhatsApp Free Voice Calling feature, click here to activate now —> http://WhatsappCalling.com”, BEWARE! It is a Scam.

According to the Daily Star, if users click on the link they are taken to another website where they are asked to take a survey on behalf of the popular messaging service.However, the survey forces people to download applications and software that might contain dangerous Malware.

Millions of users across the world are eagerly waiting to access the free voice calling feature on WhatsApp and searching over the Internet that How to Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature for Android or iOS and this is what scammers are taking advantage of.The Fake Messages Invite You but believe that the Invitation is a Scam or Virus Link which harms your Phone .

How To Protect Yourself From Scam For Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature

The single best thing to do once you receive this fake message is to ignore it and by ignore we mean delete it. This is apparently not the best time to be curious because once you click on the link you will be forced to send the invite to 10 other WhatsApp contacts. An even better thing to do is to tell your friend who sent those messages that they are actually hoax or scam / malware messages.

WhatsApp has not announced the calling feature officially. However some users claim to have used it.So don’t Activate the WhatsApp Calling Feature Now Specially in India. The Reason is it is not Officially Announced Yet. Wait for some more time to use this New Feature.

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