What is Google Analytics and How to Install / Verify Google Anlaytics in WordPress

Today I Choose a Very Basic but very important Topic for all the New Beginners that What is Google Analytics and How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress . Google Analytics in a simple lay-man language is a free and best tool to know your audience or visitor from across all over the world. It is very necessary to install for all Bloggers . 

Some of the Newbies know about this but some of them don’t know and some of them who know about this may be don’t know to install this on WordPress Website or Blog. But don’t worry in this Article I will explain each and everything to you for this topic. First I would like to start with the Basic Meaning of Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics 

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Free Service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources .It is the most widely used website statistics service.The service is available to anyone with a Google account.Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. It also tracks display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing, and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

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Things You Do / Check With Google Analytics 

  • Who visits your site.
  • Which Keyword they Visit Most of your site /Blog.
  • Know Social Website Traffic From Facebook , Google+, Linkedin and Other Website Invidually.
  • Know Organic Search Results, Direct Results, Refferal Results Traffic to Your Site/ Blog.
  • Discover how your site visitors came to know about your blog.
  • View the number of visitors your blog receives every day.
  • What are the tasks they do when they are on your website.
  • When they visit your website.
  • View areas on your blog where people have clicked.
  • Know about the most visited article on your site.
  • How they interact with your site’s content.
  • Know the country in which your site is popular.

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How to Set Up or Sign In Google Analytics Account 

  • The First of Basic Step for Google Analytics is to Create a Google Analytics Account. To do this Visit Google Analytics Page. Create New Account If You Don’t have and If you have gmail account than use that to Sign In.
  • After You Sign In with your gmail account than you will see the Screen which is just given below.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
  • The Next or Third Step is to Click on Sign Up which you will see in the above Screen which is marked with red color. When you Click on this Sign Up a New Screen Will Appear which is given below.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Yes, this is Screen which you have to Fill. Fill the Complete Information and Specially Don’t Miss the Red Color Box to Fill .

First thing in this is Account Name : You can Fill any name which you want . Either you can give your name or you can write your Website/ Blog Name.(Example : Ram or Tips and Tricks )

Second Thing Website Name : Simple you have to write your website name . (Example : abc.com)

Third Thing is Website URL : Fill your website URL (Example http://abc.com)

Fourth Thing is to Select Category : Example Arts and Entertainment

Last and Final Thing is Reporting Time : You Can Use United States Timing which is already given or set Indian Timing.

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  • After all these Steps fill contact information details and agree with the terms and conditions. In the Last You will See Get Tracking Code Button . Yes, this is Most Important Part of this Google Analytics Installation. You have to Copy and Paste the Code in Your WordPress Website/ Blog.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

You will See the Tracking Code Like this and You have to Copy this Code and Paste it on WordPress.

How To Install / Verify Google Analytics in WordPress 

Simply there are 2 Simple Methods to Install or Verify Google Analytics in WordPress Website / Blog. These two Methods are Manual Methods that means you have to do it yourself.

  1. Download a Plugin and Enter Tracking ID 
  2. Copy the Tracking Code and Paste It on WordPress Website 
  • First Plugins Method :

This is Very Simple and Very Easy to use and anyone can use this Method . There is no knowledge of coding is required in this Method. There are Several Plugins available in the WordPress for Installing Google Analytics. You Can Use any Plugin. But I Recommend you to Use Google Analytics Plugin

Install the Plugin and Activate It . Now Go to Settings of this Plugin You will See a Screen which is just given below.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

As You Can See They Give Web Property ID or This is also Known as Tracking ID . Now you have to replace the default code which is given in the above screen . Yes, when you sign up and complete the above process which I told you in this Post than you will See a Tracking ID like which is just given below.See that.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

This is the Tracking ID and now copy this and remove default the Property ID or Tracking ID and save this ID in Google Analytics Plugin . That’s It. Now after Some Hours Time it will be working automatically and you will See your Visitors, Audiences and Other Reports in Google Analytics.

  • Second Copy Paste Method :

Log In To Your WordPress Account . Than Go to Appearance and Click on the Editor . Find header.php file . Open that File and First Save the Complete File if you are a newbie or you don’t have any knowledge about coding. Than Find <head> and paste the above script code below that and before</head>.

Click and Update the File.

To view your website stats than go and log in to your Google Analytics page and See Everything. But don’t loose the patience this Google Analytics will take a day or two before showing the result. So wait and have some Patience. So this is a Must Do things for all Bloggers and Website Owners. Do this now.

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