What is Affiliate Marketing and Basics With FAQ For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most important fields in the Online Internet and this is also one of the fastest growing marketing company online at all over the World. Yes, with each passing day the customers are increasing as you all know that we all are dealing online nowadays. So this is also the part of affiliate marketing.

Today in this Article I tell you the complete basics and FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions} about affiliate marketing and this will surely help all the newbies or fresh bloggers or beginners in this field. This is one of the great sources of income or I can say online income after google Adsense. So without further do let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing Basics Questions
Affiliate Marketing Basics Questions

In Very Simple Language or Term it is basically a reward or profit for the person who is promoting any goods and services to anyone online and if someone buys anything through that person link will be paid commission. Now I tell you in the Marketing Term A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works?

The affiliate marketing mainly depends upon the Four Term or Mainly the Four Factors which complete the process of this online marketing strategy.

  1. The Merchant (also known as ‘Retailer’ or ‘Brand’ or ‘Company’)
  2. The Network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments)
  3. The Publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’ or anyone like me and you who wants to promote any product)
  4. The Customer.

Basics and FAQ About Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 

  • Is it legal or not affiliate marketing?

Yes, it is completely legal you can join any network and promote any product which you want. There is no harm in that.

  • How to find any affiliate product to promote?

It is so simple first find your niche and then go to google type affiliate products or program with your niche. The other thing is to find a product is to join various niche forums like Warrior Forum as you can find lots of product there.

  • How to promote any affiliate product?

Yes, this is very simple and common question for the new beginners. You can promote it various ways like through your blog, run campaigns, through landing pages. As you are newbie the best way is to promote with your blog or website.

  • How to find any product affiliate link?

This is again one of the frequent questions which a newbie want to know. So this is also a simple thing as whenever you approved by any company to promote the product than there is a link or I can say an affiliate link or HTML Code is provided to you just copy that and place it wherever you want to promote.

  • How affiliate marketers know that traffic is coming from my website or blog?

This is also one of the most frequent questions which arise in the mind of new bloggers. Yes, the answer is that there is a tracking URL in every affiliate link and when you copy that affiliate link the tracking URL also start working. So they know which website or blog is sending traffic.

  • Can We Use Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing on Same Blog or Website?

Yes, you can use google Adsense as well as any affiliate marketing product or link on to your same blog or website. There is no harm in it.

  • What Qualification or Criteria to join Affiliate Marketing 

There is no minimum qualification or there is no such any criteria to join affiliate marketing. You can join it anytime, anywhere.

  • Is it necessary to have a blog or website for Affiliate Promotion?

No, it’s not necessary. As above I already told you that you can promote it by various ways.

  • How much money Can we  make with Affiliate Marketing?

There is no limit you can earn 1$ up to anything. It completely depends on what you promote and what are their commission.


There are few networks with which you can start your affiliate marketing journey. Just remember that every affiliate marketing program is different with other. So first carefully read all terms and conditions.

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