Top 10 Free Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress Users 2015

Google AdSense one of the most important topic in the Blogging field as everyone wants to use this Free Google Service onto their blog or website and also wants to make online money. One very huge thing is that all bloggers should be careful to use the Google AdSense service as google is very strict with their policies and if anyone violate them he/she will have to pay for that.

If you are a Newbie or Beginner in this Blogging Field and don’t know What is Google AdSense and How it works than Click on the Link to know it first. Now back to the main topic as there are two big platforms in this Blogging field generally most of us preferred these two platforms one is Blogger and the other one is WordPress. But both are very different to each other.

In Blogger, you have to put the Google AdSense Code in the Blogger Template as there is no other option or any plugin to use. But If you are a WordPress user then there are two ways to put Google AdSense on your Blog or Website. First Part is to Put the Code in WordPress theme if you are not so good in coding or want to use it in a very simple way than there are so many plugins which cut out your work very easily.

If you are still struggling to get Google AdSense Approval to your Blog or Website than Check this Link of Mine which will help you. So now today I share Top 10 Free Google AdSense Plugins for the WordPress Users as this will ease your work and you can place the AdSense code anywhere you want.So let’s get started.

Top 10 Free Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress 

Wordpress Free Plugins For Adsense
WordPress Free Plugins For Adsense

The First one or in the Top of the list is the official plugin of Google that is Google AdSense or Earlier it is called Google AdSense Publisher Beta. There are two big advantages of this plugin as it allows you to add the AdSense code anywhere in your website as it also verifies your google webmaster for a particular website.It allows tells you about the best positions where you can put the AdSense code.

The Second one in the list is Quick AdSense plugin as this is my personal favorite also. This plugin is very easy to use and it has simple settings which allow you to put the Adsense code in the post, middle in the post, below the post easily anywhere you want.Although it is not updated from past 2 years but it is working fine.

This is also another great plugin to add google Adsense code in your website as this plugin allows you quickly and easily insert Google AdSense to your posts, pages and sidebar by using a shortcode or calling the PHP function from your theme’s template file.You can give it a try.

The next one in the list is the Ad Injection Plugin which has so many features. You can use so many ads in that one plugin. Yes, it allows you to add Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler ads to your WordPress posts and pages. You can control the number of adverts based on the post length and it can restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer, and IP address.

This is Fifth in the List and having everything in this which you need. As this Easy Plugin for AdSense manages all aspects of AdSense which allows you to insert ads into posts and sidebar and add a Google Search box. This is one of the Easiest and most complete AdSense plugin.

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This is another great plugin to insert google ads onto your website. This plugin Manage and optimize your ads in WordPress as easy as creating posts. Including support for AdSense, ad injection, ad planning and ad rotation.The other big advantage of this plugin is a lightweight which helps your WordPress theme to open up quickly without any load.

The next one in this free list of Adsense plugin is AdRotate. Yes, this is also a widely used plugin in WordPress.With this plugin can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing almost everything from your dashboard. No fussing with your themes code if you don’t want to.This is used on over a hundred thousand websites.

This is on eight of my list as this is also one of the simple but very effective Adsense plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin allows you to easily insert the code onto the posts, pages, including your homepage also. This is again the light weight plugin.

This is the new plugin for Adsense and this plugin does only one thing as it puts your AdSense code in up to three spots in your posts and pages (both existing ones and those yet to be written). There is no mess, no fuss with this plugin.

This is the last in the list or I can say in the 10th position but certainly not the least plugin to add Google AdSense Code to your WordPress site. As the name suggest it is one of the simplest plugins to add Adsense. It is providing a flexible logic of displaying advertisements on your site.

So this is the complete list of Top 10 Free Simple Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress Users 2015.Use it which you like most.

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