Search Engine Friendly URL'S Optimization For WordPress

WordPress Optimization is one of the most important word for every Blogger and everyone wants to Optimize their post in the Search Engine for Better ranking and better visitors. So in this list the first step is that the URL Structure of your WordPress post is SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) Friendly and also the user friendly . 

Now I know most of you or specially the Newbies don’t know much about that the SEO Friendly URLs . But don’t worry in this Article I will share all my knowledge to all the Beginners that How they can make their WordPress Post URLs SEO Friendly. First I would like to tell you Why You Need SEO Friendly URLs Structure .

Why SEO Friendly URLs

The simple or basic thing is that when we use SEO Friendly URLs Structure than the Chances of Ranking in the Search Engine Increases in Google and other Search Engines. Google take it very seriously the URL Structure of Your WordPress Blog or Website . So you also take it seriously if you don’t as this make your Blog or Website both user and Search Engine Friendly.

Now by default there is a URL Structure is given in your WordPress as Soon as you install than Change it before publishing any post . In WordPress there is a term Permalink is given in the Settings Options and there you can change the URL Structure of Your Post According to Your Need . Take a Look at the Screenshot of Permalink which is given every WordPress .


Permalink Settings of ALLINGUIDE
Permalink Settings of ALLINGUIDE


Best Tips To Make SEO Friendly URLs Optimization For WordPress 

  • As Soon as we install the WordPress than the Default URL Structure installed like given below . 

This is the Bad URL Structure which is neither user Friendly and Nor SEO Friendly. This gives bad impression to the Users and Search Engine. The user don’t know what they are reading.

  • So before publishing any post in your WordPress Change the Default Settings . You Can Choose any of the above Settings as I Choose the Post Name Settings post 

This Means that the URL Structure of My Post is the title of my domain than title of my post.

  • The Third Option you can Choose is the Custom Structure with some changes like if you want to show the user the domain name with the category name and than the title of your post .So use custom structure given URL .

OR If some wants completely Static site than use the given below URL Structure in Custom Structure

  • Now there are Some other ways also that you can use in the Custom Structure . But before that you have to know the certain number of Different tags Documentation which is just given below.
%year% – The year of the post, four digits, for example 2004
%monthnum% – Month of the year, for example 03
%day% – Day of the month, for example 21
%hour% – Hour of the day, for example 10
%minute% – Minute of the hour, for example 33
%second% – Second of the minute, for example 11
%postname% – A sanitized version of the title of the post , for example This Is A Great Post! becomes this-is-a-great-post in the URL.
%post_id% – The unique ID # of the post, for example 445
%category% – A sanitized version of the category name 
%author% – A sanitized version of the author name.


These are Best and Simple Tips to Make Your WordPress URLs Structure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly. Use this Article and Change Your Permalink Structure .Select the Best Combination according what you need and Click on the Save Button . I recommend you to use the structure which I am using which you see in the Image Screenshot.

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