How To Install WordPress Using CPanel And Things To Do After Installation For Beginners

For all Newbies Bloggers, this article is simply for you.After buying a domain name from any company the next big thing is how to set up your domain name and what are the essential things after installing WordPress?

Yes, I know the Beginner Blogger have some issue to set up Control Panel of the WordPress Site and After Installing WordPress the Major Things Which a New Blog Blogger Should do is one big hurdle to cross.

Now Let’s move forward today I ‘ll explain the Core or Very Important Points What you all Should do after Installing the WordPress. Yes, this is Basically for New Bloggers . They don’t know What Do to do after Installing The WordPress or they don’t understand What is important or key points they should check or do after installing the WordPress.

The WordPress installation is very easy. If you use want to install WordPress using Cpanel. Then It is so Simple.

WordPress Installation Steps Guide Using CPanel

  • First Open the Log in Section of CPanel of your website.That is by this example .
  • After that fill your username and password and open the CPanel of your website
  • Go to the Section of SOFTWARE AND SERVICES and in that you can a word that is FANTISTICO DELUXE Click on that and after that New Screen will open.
  • In the Left Side Select WORDPRESS and then Click on NEW INSTALLATION .
  • After that New Installation fill out the form and then Click on FINISH Installation. So this is it it is so simple.
  • If you are Using Godaddy and Other Account Services than Open Your CPanel and in the Big Screen Find WordPress or Search WordPress .
  • Click on WordPress and Delete the Default Information and Fill it Your Own and then Click on Install Button . And this is It.¬†
Things After Installing WordPress
Things After Installing WordPress

Now come back to the Main Topic that After Installing WordPress the Essential or Key Things You Should Do . But before that If you are in confusion that Which Blogging Platform or ¬†Tool is Better for Me to use or WordPress. org and You Don’t Understand the Key or Main Difference between thee two Blogging tool. Then Just Read this Post of My Vs WordPress. org Difference Details .

Top 15 Core Points or Essential Must Do Things After Installing WordPress


  • Clean the WordPress Automatic Post and Plugins :

As soon as you installed or Open You WordPress Dashboard then some pre- defiend or I can say the Automatic Sample Post or Some Plugins is already installed. So the First Thing is to go and remove the Automatic Post or Sample Post and Plugins from your WP ( WordPress Dashboard ).

  • Activate Some Important or Essential Plugins :

The Plugins List which is Show below is just for New Bloggers or Only for those who recently Install their WordPress.For the Best and the Most Important WordPress Plugins for the year 2014 -2014 . Just Wait for My Upcoming Post that is WordPress Best Plugins for 2015.

1 All in One SEO by Yoast

2 Anti-Spam

3 Share This or Digg Digg

4 YARRP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin)

5 Google Analytics

6 WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache

7 Better WP Security

  • Choose Best Theme :

The One of the Most Important or Key Point for the New Bloggers is to Choose the Best Theme. Now the question arise that How You can know which is Best Theme. So the Answer is simple that the First Option is to Choose Paid Them .The reason for that you have all important Them Options and You Can Manage Everything. If You don’t have any Paid Them then Go to Free WordPress Them and Use . The Theme that You Choose should be able to Navigate easily. It should be Black and White Theme.

  • Fill Your Site Title and Tagline :

Yes , after Selecting Theme and Activating them the Next Step or Point is to Fill Your Title and Tagline of Your Website. Like Me the Title of My Website is AllInGuide.Com and the Tagline is One Guide for Everyone. You Can Choose any Tagline which you want.

  • Update Ping Services :

The Next Thing is to Update Your Ping Services which is in your Settings Options of your WordPress Dashboard. Just wait for some time after that you will be able to See the Best and Updated Ping Services for 2014 -2015 Year. This is so important to Update Ping Services. I explain you in detail in my coming post about this Topic very soon.

  • Change the Permalink Structure :

Permalink Structure is Very Important thing or Point and you have to change the Default Permalink Structure according to your Need . The Permalink Structure link is find in the Settings Option of WordPress Dashboard and this Permalink Structure help you and your website your in better way.

The Best one is in my opinion is to update this Permalink Structure :

  • Install Google Analytics :

Then the Core or Key Point is to Install the Google Analytics for your WordPress site. This Google Analytics is to help and track your Daily Visitor. You can check that How Many Visitors are coming from which Specific Country .If you Don’t know How to Install Google Analytics then Sooner I will Publish a post on that Topic . You can use a WordPress Plugin that is Google Analytics Plugin and after installing that Plugin just verify the Code which is given or I can say you got when you Make an account on Google .Com/Analytics .

  • Create a Sitemap for Your Website :

This is also a very Essential Point After Installing WordPress . This Sitemap helps the Google to know about your website. You can create manually this Sitemap or You Can Use a WordPress Plugin which automatically create Your Website Sitemap that is Google XML Sitemap Plugin.

  • Add Your Website to Webmaster Tools :

Now after that You have to Add Your Website the Webmaster tools . The Two Most Important Webmaster tools to Add Your Website .The First One is Google Webmaster Tools and the Second One is Bing Webmaster tools. If you don’t Know How to Add or Verify the Google and Bing Webmaster tool then Don’t worry . I will make a simple Complete Guide on How to Add Your Website in Google and Bing Webamster in upcoming Post.

  • Set Up Social Media Pages

Yes then the Next Core or Key Point is to Create Social Media Pages . The Common Pages You have to Make is Facebook Page, Google + Page, Twitter Page, Linked In Page, Delicious Page, Digg Page, Stumbleupon Page, Pinterest Page.

  • Set Up Your Website Important Pages :

The Other Essential or Core Point is to Set Up Your Basic and Important Pages Like About Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page and Disclaimer Page .

  • Create Categories for Your Website :

The Next Point is to Create a Meaningful or the Best Categories for Your WordPress Website . You Can Create Many Categories as you want. So Create that and don’t just Create and Leave them .Prepare Post for them and don’t empty any Categories.

  • Create Robots.txt file for Your Website:

This is very Essential or the Main Core Point is to Create Your Robots.txt file for Your WordPress Website and this File Helps the Google Crawlers to Know the Content and the Text Material of Your WordPress Website. If You don’t know that How to Create Robots.txt file and hoW to upload it your C Panel account then just wait for some time I will write a simple Guide About How to Make a Robots.txt file and How to Upload it your C Panel account.

  • Set Up Your RSS Feed :

Then You have to Go and Set up Your RSS Feed for Your WordPress Website . I will explain this Topic in the Full Detail in my Upcoming Posts.

  • Publish Your Text Content :

The Last or I can say the Final Point is that after Installing these Steps then Go to Your WordPress Dashboard and Publish the Text Content as Mush as Possible.This is the Man thing and Write Quality Content and Try to Write Daily .


Best or Key Points Should be Done After Installing WordPress. This will Make Your Website More Attractive and Your Essential Points Cover in After Installing and the Benefit will be seen in just some days after that. So Do this and If you have any Question or Queries Regarding this Topic Then Ask Me in the Comment Box. If You want to Share Anything Related This Topic then Feel Free to Comment in the Comment Box.

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