How to Start and Make Money Using ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale is one of the best known and popular affiliate program and most of us know about that but some of my friends, readers or new bloggers don’t know What I am talking about? If you know then maybe this is not for you but if you are a beginner or you want to make money online then this is especially for you.

In my last post, I told you all What is Affiliate Marketing and How it works with some basics but Frequently asked questions which are beginner think or wants to ask someone. So If you don’t know the basics first read that post as Jumping to Higher level is not a goo thing without known the basic thing.

So let’s get started with today’s article ShareASale is a marketplace for each and everyone. It has something for all of us like it has something for the advertiser , something for the publishers like you and me who are running their own blog or website. There is a huge name in the market for ShareASale.

Make Money With Shareasale Affiliate
Make Money With Shareasale Affiliate

ShareASale has a huge number of Merchants or I can say the Products. So we can choose any product and promote it via our blog or website and the each product which will sell through our link we will get commission and with this, we all can generate online money. There is no fixed money as different products or merchants have different terms and conditions.

First I like to tell you about the complete guide How to Start with ShareASale Affiliate Program and then I Show How to Use it. There are some requirements for applying to this affiliate network.

Essential Requirements 

  • One Blog or Website 
  • Some Content 
  • If you don’t have any Blog or Website Just Create one on Blogger. It’s Completely Free. 
  • Valid Email Account

How to Start or Make Account on ShareASale Affiliate Program Free 

  • First Click on the Sign Up ShareASale Affiliate 
  • shareasale guide
    ShareASale guide
  • Then Fill Out the Complete Form with all details. There is a 5 Step Affiliate Sign Up Account and you have to fill each and every part.

    shareasale guide
    ShareASale guide
  • After the Second step moves forward to step 3 and fill out the details about your website or blog.
  • Then Move to Step Forward in Next Page and Fill Your Valid Email Account and then to Move Forward.
  • In Next Step, you have to fill out the Contact or Personal Information and then wait for the approval.

    shareasale guide
    ShareASale guide

For Next 24- 72 Hours you will get a mail from them about your application whether it is approved or rejected. Most of the time you got approval in First Time. If you failed then check out your blog or website theme or template. It’s navigation and after that applied again. You Can Change your Email Id if you want when applied 2nd time.

How to Make Money With ShareASale Affiliate Program 

  • Once you approve than Log Into your Account and you can see Five Major things on to your ShareASale Affiliate Dashboard that is Reports, Merchants, Links, Tool, Account, Payment.
  • Just Put the Mouse on Merchants and you will see an expansion of that list and then Click on Search For Merchants.

    ShareASale Account Guide
    ShareASale Account Guide
  • In Search Box, you can Search Any Program and Apply for that and in the image you see Top 100 Power Bank. This means these are the most popular program in ShareASale Network and you click on that link and see all programs.
  • If you want to Promote any Program or you like it then there is an option that is Join Program. Click on that and a new popup window opens in your same tab. Just read and agree to terms with that Click on Join Program.
  • Then your application in the pending and it is review by their affiliate manager and you will be notified by mail whether it is approved or rejected?



Try to Promote Your Blog or Website Relate Niche as they will convert it best and in beginning just use pay per lead programs don’t go any big commission product as you are just starting your journey in this field. It takes some time but it will generate some goo amount for you.

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  1. Hi Nitish,
    Thank you for sharing this information about Sharesell networks. I have read your tips a-z. Hi Istiak,
    You blog post is very nice for the beginner level bloggers who want to make money from the affiliate networks. But I would like to know that what is the minimum blog requirement or blog traffic to apply Sharesell affiliate network. I have just started blogging. My blog domain age is only a month. So can I apply my blog to this network?


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