How To Speed Up / Improve Your WordPress Website

WordPress this word or term is Most Commonly used in today’s world. More than 50 Million Users Use WordPress To Run a Website or Their Own Blog. The One Basic or Very Common Problem is that How to Increase the WordPress Site or Blog Speed . This is the worst Case if our website take too much time to open. Just think that when you are click on any website from Google or Just Enter the URL in Your Browser and it takes time than What we do we click on another website or closed that Tab.Yes or No ?

Yes , this Happens so many time and this makes your User Experience bad and he or she don’t come again . So Today I will Discuss about How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website or Blog . But before that In My Previous Post I Covered Following Topic on WordPress. So Take a Look on that also.

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Now I tell you the visitors or the users of Your Website or Blog want to load one page in 2 second . Yes, not the 1 minute and most of people cancel your page after 3 second. So Just Fix Some Errors and remove the unnecessary plugins helps your WordPress Website or Blog Speed in very Effective Way.

Tips To Speed Up Your Website
Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Top 6 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress WordPress Website

  • Pick the Right and Best Web Hosting :

The First and the Most Important Point is to pick up the Best and Most Effective Web Hosting . Yes, it plays a vital role on your WordPress website or blog. Better web Hosting will give you more benefits like Fast Access To Your Site or Blog, Less Downtime etc. If you are using a average Web Hosting Plan than Surely it will dip your Site or Blog Performance.

You Can Use Hostgator or If you want to Use the Indian Best Web Hosting Service than You Can use Godaddy .So Just Do it Now Choose the Best Web Hosting Service.

  • Select Your WordPress Theme Wisely :

The Second or the Next Very Important Point or Best Tip is to Select Your WordPress Website or Blog Theme Very Wisely. Yes, if you don’t know that your Theme is increased Your Worrdpress Load Time . Than Now the time is right to take Care of Your WordPress Website or Blog Theme. Choose the Simple and Effective WordPress Them which having simple Navigation and having a Black and White Colour.

  • Remove the Slow Plugins :

The Third and the Other Best Way to Speed Up Your WordPress Website or Blog is to Remove the Slow Plugins. Yes, Now the Question arises in the Mind How You Can Know Which Plugin is Slow or Which is Fast ? So Don’t Worry I tell you the Way that Now You Can Know the Slow Plugins of Your Website . Use the P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler . It tells You Which is Slow Plugin and Remove that Plugin.

The Bonus Tip is that Just Use the Minimum Number of WordPress Plugins . Yes, Plugins Increase the Load Time of Your WordPress Site .

  • Use Effective Cache Plugin :

The Next Important Tip or Point To Speed Up Your WordPress Websire  is to Use the Best and Very Effective Cache Plugin. The Best Cache Plugin for WordPress is W3 Total Cache. This Cache Plugin also Speed Up Your WordPress Website or Blog.

  • Optimize Your Images :

The Images of Your WordPress Website or Blog has very Big Impact to Speed up or Speed Down Your Website or Blog. The Best Thing is that You Can use the Wp Smush,it WordPress Plugin to Reduce the Size of the Image and Optimize Your WordPress Image in better way.

  • Keep WordPress Updated :

The Last Tip or Point is to Speed Up Your WordPress Website is to Update Regularly. Yes, Time to time You Have to Update the Latest Version of Your WordPress Website.

These are Some Important Tips or Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website or Blog.

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