How To Make Your Website / Blog Search Engine (SEO) Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the Most Important Word for any Website or any Blog. You all have to Do a Good SEO to rank Good in the Google or I can say to Rank in the First Page of Google. There are various things tried by the New Bloggers or New Beginners for this SEO Strategy . But they don’t understand the Basic and Simple Concept of SEO.

I Know that Every Blogger wants to be in the First Page of the Google or May be in the First Link in the First Page of the Google but you all have t understand some points that SEO is not a Process of One Day it is rather than the Process of all repeating Days with Some Best and Simple Points that You all have to Follow to Rank well in the Search Engine. When You all are Doing Online Business or Making a Website or Blog than Content is the King and SEO is the queen.For Bloggers who Don’t Know the Basic Meaning of SEO and the Basic Types of SEO they Can Click on this Link to View Complete Detail.

SEO Friendly Website
SEO Friendly Website

Many of the Bloggers or Newbie used a SEO Professional To Rank Well in the Search Engine but I Love to tell You that that Simple and Trusted Point make Your Job is Much Easier. You Can Use Some Good SEO plugins for WordPress. To Check the List of all Best and Top SEO Plugins 2014 – 2015 View this Link.

So For Every Newbies or New Beginners Today I share Some Simple but Killer Tips to Make Your Website / Blog SEO Friendly. I tell you the Best and Possible Tips to Rank well in the Search Engine and these are some awesome tips for all the Bloggers who want to do well without any SEO Professional.

Top 6 Killer Tips To Make Your Website / Blog SEO Friendly 

Heading Tags :

This is the First and one of the Best Point to Make Your Website or Blog SEO Friendly that is Use Heading Tags. Yes, Many of the Bloggers or Specially the New Ones don’t Use this Heading Tag Option. Try To use this Heading H1 and H2 Tag. These are the Most Important Tag. You Can use More Tags like H3 ,H4 and H5 also. But the First Two Tags Must be Used by all of You.

Sitemaps :

This is the Next Important Point to use by Every Blogger that is Sitemaps. Yes, You all have to Make a Sitemaps for Your Website. For WordPress Users they Can Use the Plugin that is Google Sitemaps which automatically Submit Your Website Sitemap to Google. This Help You a Lot. This Sitemap feature help you all to Build a Strong Backlinks through your Website and this is a Big Part of SEO.

Content is Unique :

The Other Important Tips to Make Your Website or Blog SEO Friendly that Write Unique Content.Don’t Copy and Paste any Other Content into Your Website or Blog. Try to Write More Text Content and Don’t Use So Much Images in Your Website or Blog. The Text Content always helpful for the Bloggers .

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Meta Tags :

Meta Tags is one of the Oldest Technique and It Works very well in today’s time also. So You all have to Use Meta Title , Description and after that Meta Tags . These Three Parts are Very Only for Your SEO Friendly Website or Blog .Use Meta Tags According to Your Content.

Good Navigation :

This Point is also a very Important or Key Point that Your Website or Blog Should have a Good Navigation so that the Users Can Reach Easily and the Search Engine also Crawls Your Website Well .

Keyword Rich URL :

The Most Important or the Last Point is that Your URL Should be rich with your Keyword . The Crawler First thing that Crawl is Your Website or Blog URL. So use Proper Keyword in Your URL.


So these are Some Simple and Awesome Tips How to Make Your Website / Blog SEO (Search Engine Friendly) . Use these tips and I hope this Will help You.If you having any question relating to the Article than Ask Me and If you know the Other Tips than tell all the user by using Comment Box.

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