How To Make / Earn Money Online With Google Adsense

Make Money from Your Blog or Website is one of the Most Important Question and this question arises in Every Blogger’s Mind whether he is Newbie or Pro Blogger .Everyone wants to Earn Money Online with Their Blog or Website and the Best Way to Earn or Make Money Online is the Google Adsense.

Yes, Many of You Heard this Term or Some of them May be using this Service and Earn Money Online. You Can View Why Google Adsense is the Best Online Money Making Advertisement Program .Google Adsense is one of the Most Popular and Very Effective Way to Make Money Online .Google Adsense has so many advantages our other Advertising Publisher Network.

There are so many ways to Make Money Online and You Can see Top 5 ways to Make Money Online without Google Adsense. But Now I explain How You Can Make Money Online with Google Adsense with Full Detail. But First I just Tell You Whats is Google Adsense ?

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the Contextual Advertisement Program for the Publisher . Publishers Can Put Google Ads on Their Website and Earn or Make Money Online with Their Website or Blog. This is a Simple and Free Way to Make Money Online and also from the Google Search Box they Can Put on Their Website and Earn Money.

How Google Adsense Works

The Google Adsense Advertisement that Run on the Publisher Website or Blog deliver by Google Adwords and after that Google Pays Money to the Publishers when any use Click on the Ads or the Ad Impression depend upon the Advertising Program.The Google Adsense which run on Publisher Website or Blog is two types that is Cost Per click or Cost Per Impression.

How to Set Up Google Adsense Account

Best Ways to Make Money with Adsense
Best Ways to Make Money with Adsense

This is so Simple .First You have to Go to Google Adsense and Log In with Your Google Account and Fill the Complete Form and Submit to the Google and Just Wait for the Approval.When Your Approval is Approved than You Can Display Ads on Their Website or Blog.

Products of Google Adsense :

Adsense For Content (AFC)
Adsense For Search (AFS)
Adsense For Games (AFG)
Adsense For Video (AFV)
Adsense For Mobile (AFM)
Adsense For Domains (AFD)
Adsense For Feeds (AFF)

Now there are some Questions that also in the Mind of Blogger’s .So I explain this just given below.

What is Google Adsense Revenue Share

Yes, Google Adsense Gives You the Revenue Share for all the Publishers. The Google Adsense for Content is 68%Publisher Revenue Share and For the AdSense For Search 51% Revenue Share for Publishers. The Percentage of These Revenue almost Same for all the Geographic Location.

When You Will Get Paid

The Google Adsense Money will be Paid to to all the Publishers that they Can Reach Minimum Payout is $100 . If you are Indian Blogger than the Only Way to Get Your Income by the Bank Transfer Money and If you are away from India than there are Other ways Also to Collect Your Income.

How Much Can I Earn With Google Adsense 

I can’t Predict that How Much You Can Earn From Google Adsense. There is no Particular Figure that I can Estimate . It Purely Depends Upon Your Visitors or Your Website or Blog Traffic. The Other thing the Placement of Google Ads also depends that How Much You Can Earn .


So this is the Best Ways to Make Online Money From Google Adsense .Use these Tips and this will Certainly Help You . And  If you have any question regarding this Post than You Can Ask Me by Using Comment Box.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make / Earn Money Online With Google Adsense

  1. Hi Nitish,
    Nice to be here today, I am here via my fb page,
    This is indeed an informative post on the said subject
    Though I am an account holder with adsense, it took
    lot of time to reach the minimum pay out reach, I just
    recently reached and i got my first payment, I wonder
    how come it took lot of time to reach that level may
    be my traffic flow or the placement of add in the pages
    will you pl guide me in placing the add in between the
    contents, do you have posted any content in this regard
    if so pl give me the link, Now my pages are having good
    traffic and i hope that it will increase in the near future.
    By the way, also would like to know, again i have to wait
    for other few years to get my next payout or let me put
    it this way Adsense make the next payment only after reaching
    100 $ level?
    Would like to hear from you
    Thanks for sharing this informative post
    Keep sharing
    Have a great and profitable week ahead.
    ~ Philip

    1. Thanks Philip for your wonderful thought . First Congrats for your First Adsense Payment and I hope many will follow. Yes,both things needed to get good adsense payment the traffic and placement of adds . I don’t right any post about placement of adds but surely in the coming days I will send you a link about how to increase adsense earning and placement of adds.

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