How To / Do I Start a New Blog Tips For Beginners

Blogging is one of the Best Platform for Anyone to Express his or her Views Online and also to Share their Knowledge with the Whole World. In today’s time Many of Us want to do Blogging and this is Good Choice but before Moving Ahead there are Points which Every Bloggers or Specially New Blogger or Newbie has to be take Care if they want to Grow Big in this Field.

There are so many Ideas are running in our Brain before we Start any New thing or New Blog. We have to carefully think and plan about some Ideas before start a New or Fresh Blog. The Basic thinking to Run a Blog for a Blogger or Newbie is different. Some of them want to Start for Their Name, Some of them for their Fame, Some of them for Money. Their is No Bad thing in that but Many of the Newbies or New Beginners Commit Mistakes in the Initial Stage and that waste so much time and Money also.

How To Start a Blog
How To Start a Blog

So I am Share with You a Some Awesome and Must Have Tips Before Start a New Blog for all the New Beginners or New Bloggers. The Tips that I share with you Help You and this will Save Your Time , Effort and Money. Take a Look at these Killer Tips which help every New Blogger or Newbie.

Top 8 Awesome Tips For New Bloggers Before Starting a New BlogĀ 

Platform Selection :

The First and the Most Important Point is that Which Platform you Want or You Need . There are so Many Blogging Platforms but the Most Famous Platforms are the WordPress and Blogger . The WordPress is of Two Types One is Free and One is Hosted and To Know the Full Difference or To Check which is Better for Me Just Click on the Link.

If you want to work like a Pro Blogger than I suggest you to Go for WordPress Self Hosting and If you Just Want to Some Penny in Your Pocket then Go to Free Blogger.

Domain Name :

The Second Important thing is to Choose a Good Domain Name. Yes, Before Start a Blog You Should Choose a Very Simple and Easy Domain. The Domain Must have 2 or More Characters Name .Example : Don’t Use Hypens or Special Characters in Your Domain Name.

Blog Design :

The Next Thing is Blog Design. Yes, it Makes a Huge Difference. You Should Use a Simple and User Friendly Blog Design in which Peoples or Viewers or Users Can Easily Navigate Your Blog Easily . Just Use Simple Blog Design .

Content of Your Blog :

The Other Point is the Content of Your Blog. The Content Speaks for the Viewers or User. So Write Quality Content for Your Blog . The Content is the King for Your Blog.

Update Regularly :

The Next Point is to Update Your Blog Regularly. Don’t Write 1 Post and after that Update on on Four Five Days Later. That’s Not Write and It Not Helps You in any Way. So Write 2 -3 Quality Post in One Day and Update Your Blog Regularly.

Promote Your Blog :

Yes, the Next Thing or Point is to Promote Your Blog to Make it Popular. You Can tell Your Friends, Family Members and Other Peoples also. You Can Promote Your Blog in the Online Directories to Submit Your Blog. You Can also Promote Your Blog on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Others.

Build a Relation with Users and Fellow Bloggers :

This is an Important Point that You Should have to Maintain a good Relation to Your Users as well as with Your Fellow Bloggers. Reply to Question or Queries or Your Users and Engage with Your Fellow Bloggers.

Use Share and Follow Button :

Share Your Blog Content on and Use Share Buttons of Facebook , Google+, Twitter, Digg, and Other Website. This will Increase Your Blog Traffic and Also Increase Your Blog Follower.


These are Some 8 Tips for New Bloggers Before Start a New Blog. I hope this will Help You . So Take all Points Carefully and Start New Blog with Some Fabulous Success.

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