How to Choose /Pick a Good Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting Service is one of the Most Important aspects in the field of Blogging. Yes, and the other crucial thing is to choose or pick the right Web Hosting Service is a more Difficult job or thing to do for Bloggers or especially new beginners. 

In my last post of Web Hosting, I explain the Complete Meaning and Basic Types of Web Hosting Services which are available on the Internet. There are so many options and you can choose any of them. But according to my point of view, I tell you all especially newbies or new beginners in the Field of Blogging is to Choose Shared Web Hosting in Early days. Yes, the simple and basic reason is that it is low in price and for your new website it is perfect.

Best Web Hosting
Best Web Hosting

The other thing is that the Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) or Dedicated Hosting Service is high in price rate and if you are running more websites and having a great number of visitors than choose between VPS or Dedicated Hosting. Write Now I am also using Godaddy Shared Web Hosting Service. And it ‘s doing great.

Now the Big Question which is in every mind of Bloggers that How They Can Choose the Best Web Host Service for their Website?So If you are one of that Blogger than don’t worry because in this Article I explain to you the Simple and Basic Tips to Pick / Choose Best Web Hosting Service.

Tips To Choose Right Web Hosting Services

  • Company Name and Reliability:

The First thing is to check by yourself is that the Company Name. Yes, it is a newly formed organization or it is a brand company like Hostgator, Godaddy, There are several companies which are available on the Internet and offering you many things. But don’t fall into the trap as the first check out the company records and reviews on the internet. After that Check out the reliability .Reliability means how many time your website is down on the Internet.

If you are a running an online Business then the Reliability option is more important as no one like the website down in Internet. There may be a short delay in your website and having a message like shut down due to maintenance this will irritate the users. And if you are earning from your website than this may cause or loss of some $$$.So check both these things before choosing a web host company.

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth:

The Next thing which Strike in my mind to choose my hosting company is the Disk Space and the Bandwidth for my website. Yes, it is very important to have good Disk Space. In simple term Disk Space means your website content space and Bandwidth means your users or audiences. Yes, most of the Web Hosting companies provide or tell you that both these thing is unlimited. Unlimited doesn’t mean same so it’s better to call support team and check complete details about Disk Space and Bandwidth before to pick a web hosting company.

  • Customer Service and Technical Support:

The Next thing is that to Check out the Technical Support of your Web Hosting. Is it really having a good and knowledgeable technical support or not. Some technical Support team provides you ticket options support and some provide you calling support. When you need help is they available or not? There are various options to contact to web hosting companies. The method of contact to Technical Support team varies from company to company. So Choose wisely the Best Company method which suits you.

  • User Interface:

The Next thing is that when you First Log into your user interface or your cPanel then it is having all the options or not? Yes, Check carefully that they will provide you all the options of your cPanel and you can access anytime , anywhere from any place and you can manage your cPanel according to your need.

  • Price Rate:

This is the Last but not Least Option. I think this is one of the Most Important or Crucial Question that How Much the Price Rate Set by the Company. Is it Low or High. It is having all the Features and Options are available or not? The Payment mode. Is the money refundable or not? Is there are any hidden charges or not? Check all these things before you pick or choose any Web Hosting Company.

So this is it from the Simple Step Guide or Tips to Choose or Pick a Web Host Company.

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