How to Add / Enable Google Adsense on your Blog

Google Adsense is one of the important or vital word for all the Bloggers. Yes, it plays a significant role in the Bloggers life and it is one of the best content-targeted advertising program who makes you to Earn Online Money . But is has some limitations also you have to need a blog or website to Earn Money with Google Adsense Program.

I hope you all know Something about AdSense. If you don’t know than Check my this previous post link What is Google Adsense and Why it is Best Online Money Making Program. This will make you know about it or I can say give an idea about Google Adsense.

google adsense on blog
google adsense on blog

Today I choose a simple and basic topic that How to Enable Google Adsense on your Blog. Yes, the title of my post suggest that this a very easy topic but I Tell you that this is an important topic and especially for new bloggers or newbies. Blogger is one of the most widely used platform in the whole world. The reason for that this is simple, easy to use and best thing it is free of cost. You don’t need spend any money to use Blogger platform.

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It is not much difficult to enable AdSense on your blog. But if you are New Blogger or Newbie than maybe you will find this difficult. But in this Post I will tell you Step by Step Guide with the Screenshots to Enable or Add Google Adsense on Your Blogger.

Step Guide To Enable / Add Google Adsense on Your Blog 

  • First of all, Log Into your Blogger Dashboard and then Click on the Earning Tab.
  • When you click on Earnings than a new screen will appear that is Google Adsense page. There is an option in that page that is Sign Up for Adsense.If you haven’t done that then Click on that and Sign Up.
  • Now the Third or Important step after this is to select which account you want to choose for Google Adsense. There is two option will be given in that whether you want to proceed with the same account you Sign In just before and you want to create a new account. Choose it according to your need.
  • The Last and Final Step is to Complete and Google Adsense Application form and agree to the terms and conditions. Just Wait for the Approval of Google Adsense and if you already approved your Google Adsense account than the ads will appear on your Blog.

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Ads will not appear on your blog until your application has been approved. Once you receive confirmation that your application was approved then you can control the ways the ads show up on your blog through the settings on the Earnings tab at any time. It is up to you whether or not to show ads, and where on your blog to display those ads (sidebar and posts, just sidebar, or just posts) if you are using Traditional templates.

So these are the Simple Step Guide to Enable or Add Google Adsense on Your Blogger. Use these and this will surely help you.

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