Google Launches YouTube Kids / Children Free App For Android and iOS

Google which is a Brand in today’ world which grow bigger bigger with each passing day now again in the News and this time Google launched the new YouTube Kids App for the Android and iOS Users . Yes, this is a great app for all the children which are loving the games and it is completely free. 

Yesterday on 23rd February 2015 Announced this big information . This other best feature for this new YouTube kids app is a Video app which is available free and you can download this app on the Google Play Store . The one limitation of this app is currently available or I can say working only in United States (US).There are so may features in this Latest Children YouTube App which I will tell you in just a moment but before that I would like to tell you more about this app.

Google Executive Shimrit Ben-Yair said after looking the YouTube app  “Today, we’re introducing the YouTube Kids app, the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore, and is available for free on Google Play and the App Store in the US,” .Take a Look at the Screenshot of YouTube Kids App .

YouTube Kids App
YouTube Kids App

The one more thing about this YouTube Video Kids App is that the Children access videos which are suitable for them .So this is a great Feature and there are other Parental Controls added in this App. This is a Safe , Simple , Free and Useful App for all Kids .Apart from Google Play Store this app is also available at the Apple ‘s App Store.

This is awesome app by Google for kids as they can easily watch the videos of their favourite shows , their favorite channels, and they can easily switch from any category like Entertainment to National Geographic , Music Shows to Learning Experiences . In short they can watch everything and they can explore more and more with this new YouTube Kids App.

Google YouTube Kids App Key Features

Basically this Latest App three main or key features which told by the Google Executive at the Launched time . So check out all in detail.

Bright and Simple Design :

The First and top thing about this YouTube Kids app is that it is Very Simple in Design and having a Bold Icons for the Children to use it in a better way. Their thumbs can Easily navigate in this app . If they are having problem with navigate by the thumbs or can’t type than they can use the voice search which is very easy to use.

Family Friendly :

The Other or Second thing about this app is a Family Friendly which is a great thing . Now Parents can feel Secure and easy that their children can access only relevant contents .The Google Executive also told that there are various Content Producers are working in this app who are in the YouTube and they check and upload the secure and helpful content for the kids.

Parental Controls :

The third or the Last Feature of this YouTube Kids App is that it is having a parental controls are provided so that the parents can keep on Eye or I can say set the settings for Watching the YouTube Videos for their Kids like  it has a limiter that restricts the time of each session, and a sound toggle for muting and unmuting videos.They will also be able to turn off search functionality or background audio, if they require.

Final Words 

So these are some key or important features which help to grow the kids or children ‘s to access their Favourite videos or shows in the YouTube Kids App . As I told you earlier that currently it is only available in the United States (US) and there is no information confirmed yet that when it is available to other countries . But I hope in the Coming Months it will be available in all the other Remaining Countries.

So wait for some more time if you are away from US and If you like this Post than Share this with Your Friends , Family and Other Peoples.

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