How To Make / Download Full Blogger Blog Backup

Blogger is one of the most widely used platforms in the whole world and it is very common for bloggers.Yes, it is very easy to use and this is the biggest advantage of this platform.

Everyone can easily use this whether it is a newbie or it is pro blogger each and everyone is aware of this platform.There are several advantages of using blogger and as this is a truth that anything in this world having pros and some cons also. So this is also with Blogger.

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But still it is good enough to start your journey in this big and elite field that is Blogging and the one thing which is stand out feature of this Blogger is that you don’t have to put or pay any money to use.Yes, you can use it completely free.

Now I tell you a little bit more about this Blogging platform. Yes, there are various names of this as Blogger or Blogspot but the function or feature is same and many of us when usually start their journey in this field used this platform.

This is one of the most popular platforms and it is owned by the Biggest Search Engine that is by Google. So you don’t have to pay for the domain or any hosting in this platform.But with this the Biggest disadvantage of this that Google Can Delete your Entire Blog Any time without any prior notification.

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And you work day in and day out if you feel good about it or I can say making money from your Blog. But generally, most of the people or Blogger don’t care about the Backup of their content of Blog which is a bad thing.You have to make to take a backup of your Blogger Blog as you can use it another Blog if Google penalized or Delete your Blog.

Blogger Blog Backup

Blog Backup
Blog Backup

The one more thing which is quite bad for the Bloggers Google can Block Your Blog that means that you can’t access your Blogger or Blogspot Blog.This usually comes when you are using your blog for spamming or for any other activities which violate BlogSpot Terms and Conditions.

And now with the backup of your Blogger Blog, one thing is sure that in Future is anything wrong happened to your Blog you can use the complete backup data on another blog. There are various methods to make or download the Blogspot Blog backup but the best one is by Export Blog Data.

In this article, I tell you about the How to make / Download the complete backup of your Blogger Blog by Single Click. This is in the .xml format and this will store in your Desktop or PC. You Can Make Your Backup according to your needs whether in weeks or in months it’s all depends on you.

4 Steps to Make/ Download Complete Blogger Blog Backup 

Sign into
Click the name of the blog you want to export.
On the left side of the page, click Settings > Other.
In the “Blog tools” section, click Export blog > Download blog.

This is the method that you can use and this for the content, images and other media files but if you want to take a Backup  of your Blogger Blog Template then you have to follow the below steps.

4 Steps to Make/ Download Complete Blogger Blog Template Backup 

Log into your Blogger dashboard.
Click on “Design“.
Find the tab entitled, “Edit HTML” and be sure to click on the box that says, “Expand Widget Template“.
Finish the process by clicking on the option to “Download Full Template“.

So this is the complete post that How to Make/ Download Blogger Blog Backup with a Single Click and Best and Easy Ways. If you like the Article than Share this With Your Friends, Family and Other peoples.

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