Best Cheap / Small Bluetooth Speakers 2015

The Bluetooth Speakers is one of the Most Curious in the Young Generation. Yes we are found of Music and we also need the Best Speakers too and now today I am discussing about the Top 5 and Very Best Bluetooth Speakers of this year 2015. Bluetooth is go to option and we love Listening Music in Speakers and Now the Best Bluetooth Speakers is available for all the Music Lovers . Since we are using Android Smartphones, iPads, iPhones , Windows, Blackberry and all of them working with Bluetooth Option.

Speaker cables are so 1980 and Now the Time is Change and also the Technology is Changing Day by Day and we all are using the Best Technology which is available if you are looking for an upgrade Bluetooth speakers are the logical next step. That said, the quality of Bluetooth speakers is not always predictable.

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So Take a Look at Top Five Cheap and Small Best Bluetooth Speakers 2015 which is currently available .The Best Five Bluetooth Speakers 2015 is Logitech UE Mobile Boombox , Bose Soundlink Series , Jawbone Jambox Series ,Braven Series and the Last One is JBL Flip Speakers.So Now I talk one after one with Their Features and Specifications.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2015

  • The First One is Logitech UE Mobile Boombox :

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Speaker 2015
Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Speaker 2015

It is small and easy to use Bluetooth Speaker . It has a built-in rechargeable battery, speakerphone capability for those random phone calls and sounds about as good as you had expect a tiny speaker to sound.

The Mobile Boombox also comes with the ability to let multiple people take turns selecting the music that goes to the speaker and offers up a 50 foot distance for wireless playback. It is Available at around $90 and it is also one of the cheaper options on this list and is Wirecutter’s pick for best portable Bluetooth speaker.

  • Second One is Bose Soundlink Series :

Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker 2015
Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker 2015

The Bose Soundlink series comes in two flavors or I can say in two Types :

The First One is in Mini and the Second One is Mobile speaker II. The former is extremely light at just 1.5 pounds while the latter gives you even better quality sound at the sacrifice of its larger size.

The First One is around to be $200 and the Second one is around to be $300 respectively. Neither are cheap options, but you will get the sound quality you had expect from Bose. The Mini doesn’t charge via USB and it doesn’t have a mic so you can’t make speakerphone calls through it.

  • The Third One is Jawbone Jambox Series :

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speakers 2015
Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker 2015

Most striking about the speaker is It’s unique design but it comes packed with everything you had expect from a Bluetooth speaker including a rechargeable battery and compatibility with most Bluetooth devices.

Coming it at around $160-$200 and it is certainly not a cheap option, but the Jambox features firmware updates, apps and a surprisingly powerful speaker driver to justify the cost.

  • Fourth One is Braven Series :

Braven Series Bluetooth Speaker 2015
Braven Series Bluetooth Speaker 2015

Braven’s line of Bluetooth speakers range from around $100 all the way up to $300 and you get the quality you pay for. Most of the speakers come with battery backups and also have the ability to charge external devices and the ability to make hands free calls.

Braven’s real claim to fame is their design. They are built for portability, so they are lightweight but still rugged enough to throw in your bag for a day trip. Many models also come packed with waterproof bags to keep the speakers safe no matter where you are.

  • The Fifth and the Last One is JBL Flip :

JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker 2015
JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker 2015

The JBL Flip is made to work in any situation you might need it in. The speaker design is set up so it can lay both horizontally or vertically and sounds good either way. It is lightweight enough that you can pack it with you pretty much anywhere you go and the fact it works in two directions means it is easy to find a place to put it.

It is available at around $100 the JBL Flip is one of the cheaper options on this list although it is a bit larger than the comparably priced Logitech UE Mobile Boombox. The JBL Flip charges with a charger as opposed to USB so you will always need access to a wall outlet if you want to charge on the go.


This is the Top 5 Best Cheap and Small in Size Bluetooth Speakers in this year 2015 and You can Grab it anything Which You want . The Best thing that they all are in very small size so you can carry them anywhere with you. This is one of the Best Feature of these Portable Bluetooth Speakers . Decide it and you have an awesome experience to use any of these Best Speakers. If you want to Share anything with us from this Topic then also use Comment Box .

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